DK weakest? “World of Warcraft” DPS simulation list released

Today formally launched the 6.2.3 version, then went to the loved DPS analog version Ranking of time. The second edition of the profession has done a lot of adjustments, most occupational injuries are improved, and the return of courage points to professional equipment and so increase the 10, with a look at it. Finally, to emphasize that the list simply stakes, combat is not much reference value.

Analysis of occupational rankings

Master: equipment and other higher, DPS enhance greater career, plus unparalleled explosive 795 orange ring conferred doomed 6.2.3 of the list is still the standard outcome.

Rogue: 6.2 DPS itself on the very good, sharp thief continues to rank second, but if other equipment to enhance some of the words and then should be able to go beyond the Master summit.

Paladin: 6.2.3 version which, winner of all skill damage increased by 8%, plus eat outbreak itself is a profession, and therefore the list, enhance the rate is fairly obvious.

Druid: Druids 6.2.3 has been little BUFF, probably about a six percent increase DPS, wild Germany is also the general level of equipment, etc. under pressure over the Master summit.

Warlock: 6.2 on strengthening early BUFF finished, suffering and destruction is still strong, the devil surgery is weak some hope 7.0 Devil surgery changes make it become stronger.

Monks: Monks in 6.2.3 damage increased by about 10%, so the monks ranking points compared to the previous version had improved, but still can not change its status is not high DPS dilemma.

Pastor: Not enhancement, but dark, animal husbandry has made significant rise in the level of equipment and other high ranking, especially thorough shadowpriest have to squeeze into the top 10, as to be able to empty the entropy Well, to put it as if it was the same play.

Shaman: 6.2.3 Shaman few skills improved by 4% of the damage, so small changes lead to its ranking still in the middle and lower reaches, can do so mean ah, another career first ah are increased by 10% 8% Why shaman only to a 4-percent?

Hunter: 6.2 at the beginning of hold up a world of shooting and hunting has lost, and Beastmaster hunting and survival both reciprocal and three accounted for two seats, but the hunter in this real strong stakes professional representation totally do not mind , this time playing group less hunting dad can play?

Warrior: Fury won the small BUFF, but behave poorly at high loading, etc., and warfare since 6.2 was axed after it did, anyway, as long as there is beheaded in nirvana is not afraid to cut, and 7.0 beheaded warrior skills will become the exclusive oh.

DK: 6.2.3 in DK all damage skills have increased by 10 percent, the biggest winner in this version, but the ranking has slipped further, DK has become the worst version of the integrated DPS career, this is not entirely scientific, ah, to It is true that in a very sad reminder, or two days and then take a look at the analog data is not DK’s wrong.
M Hellfire, 795 rings, and other equipment plus 10, to consider the recent single analog DPS career after the adjustment.

So, as expected previously, we are proud of hanging in the second child seat.

Three thieves from top to bottom is keen, assassination, combat.

Ring income: M + 10 analog rings the average damage (in million and please ignore percent sign)
Growth: From 705 no orange ring to enhance the percentage of M + 10,795

“Tetris” the movie “X-Men” director Brett directed

“Tetris” is a puzzle game for all ages, who detonated the gaming market in the late 1990s. Pajitnov and the story of its creator game will also be made into a movie by “X-Men” director Brett directed.

Says “Tetris” is the game for God will not be excessive to say “Tetris” is the game for God will not be excessive

When the 1984 breakup of the Soviet Union has not, one named Alexey Pajitnov Soviet designers and computer engineers, developed a set off God as the absolute global game “Tetris.” And now his personal experiences and stories of the game will be filmed into a movie.

Father Father “Tetris” and Alexey Pajitnov, “Tetris” and Alexey Pajitnov

The film will be a lot of controversy while the depth of excavation and game-related, such as including the distribution rights battle game complex problem, and ultimately win the game Nintendo hair authorization, and the United States all the Game Boy sold palm machine has the game. There are also some other things, such as the game has yielded unprecedented success, but Pajitnov (emigrated to America in 1991) until 1996 so far, because none of the game to get a profit, and so on.

Director Brett Ratner director Brett Ratner

“Tetris” film by renowned director Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand and Rush Hour) directed the shoot. But it has not been announced, starring and other information. Ratner is working with his partner James Parker producer together to find a suitable screenplay author grid, the “Tetris” story written screenplay.

Japanese players 150,000 auction all PS1 games include an era

Sony PlayStation host since 1994 sale in its life cycle for the players brought a massive game works, but it is also a home game for the first time in the history of cumulative shipments exceeded 100 million sets of the legendary game.

Japanese players 150,000 auction all PS1 games include an era
Recently, a netizen named Wmmft148 in Yahoo Japan launched an auction to 3 million yen (about 150,000 yuan) a price sale in Japan who sold off almost all of PS1 games (a total of 3290 models).

In fact the collectors before the auction also conducted a same auction, the price of the same product is also 3 million yen, although the last auction on March 22 announced the end. But collectors seem to believe that there will be buyers come, so he launched the auction.

Japanese players 150,000 auction all PS1 games include an era
Commodity auction interface can understand that these games is not the time to buy after collectors in the collection, but through between second-hand shop after rushing collected. Introduction states that may have dirt and stains, fading and other damage instructions on the packaging, but to ensure that all games are still playable, and attach a total of 98 games in the photo box, which also contains some of the game’s development of peripherals and special code etc.

Japanese players 150,000 auction all PS1 games include an era
Today, there are six days away from the end of the auction time, hope the collectors can successfully sell these classic PS1 game, so that these collections can has been handed down.

US Reporter: Japanese “home culture” is often misunderstood as the sex industry

Before reports of child pornography laws in Japan caused widespread concern in the community, and even UN officials for the Japanese child pornography, a high proportion of female students compensated dating were published report, the news caused an uproar in the Japanese society. And this, Yahoo! Japan recently carried out a special analysis on the report.

This is a well-known correspondent Morley Robertson from the United States to write the article, which talked about the views on the Japanese side should face the international community to explain their correct positions. It reads as follows:
UN officials that “the Japanese female students and 30 percent (corrected to 13%) have had assistance communicative behavior.” And also spoke of the “Japan should be prohibited for the child’s extreme caricature portrayed.” The official discourse among , you can feel the international community, “Japanese Animation” and “Meng culture” critical eye.

In this regard, there are some Japanese fans, angrily said: “They do not understand Japanese culture!” “Do not put the white values ​​imposed on us.” But why Japan happens to encounter these problems it is necessary to analyze the reasons for it!?.

In recent years, events related to child labor, child pornography and other aspects of the worldwide has become a major problem. While this phenomenon has existed in the past, but basically controlled within national borders. However, in recent years, cross-border organized child labor, Maichun, abuse, imprisonment and even murder and other acts continue to occur, for a “Save the children!” The voice is not surprising.

But the face of this situation, as in developed countries, but Japan does not appear to care how. Even domestic flooded with the child as a sexual object “work.” From the perspective of the Japanese terms, which does have some work too extreme, but some work is “probably still is OK.” But it is impossible to distinguish between aliens was particularly evident, for which it produced for Japan “child pornography heaven” impression.

Also, the previously mentioned relating to the world-wide child pornography, bondage and other acts, because of its complex structure, not intended to be able to hit against. So if you want to look for an easier breakthrough …… Japan attacked easily become the target. And worrying will not be because of international pressure to yield.

Because of this, if there are legitimate reasons for Japan, then it should come out in English directly elaborated. Since the international community had been a misunderstanding, then you can only find objective facts to wash wronged.

Today’s era is the internationalization, just as some time ago a Japanese cartoonist for publishing a book on the face of discrimination comic Syrian refugees are of international concern, they want to be “locked country” has been impossible. The child pornography storm, if Japan still only that “it belongs to the Japanese culture,” then one day will withstand international pressure. Even if it is really a “misunderstanding” does not help.

Developers still not give up! “Batman: Arkham Knight” PC version of the new patch released

Although the “Batman: Arkham Knight” PC version comeback from players still to be seen, but the developer Rocksteady Studios still hard. This does not, they are now (26) days has released a PC version of the update patches, fixes, and further optimize the game.

Patch reads as follows:

Fix games storage problems

Repair under Windows 10 players to choose not start after question Chinese input method Games

Fixed operating delays mouse and keyboard

Fixed a bug, the bug can lead to full-screen cutscenes refresh rate under the wrong question

Fixed Mini-Gun Brute Battle of bug, when the players in the state of Nightwing or Batman pattern is found, the opponent can not fight back

Improved memory management, increase the number of frames

Reduce crashes improve stability

To solve the wrong game of light and shadow caused by several

To solve the multi-screen display error

Batman’s first appearance dips resolve performance issues

Repair Knightfall Protocol under certain conditions unable to start

Fixes many problems under AR Challenges

It adds support for the new DLC

Players can choose a different role in AR challenger

The update also adds support for the new DLC, players will soon experience a period shortly after the new Arkham Knight trip, Rocksteady Studios for the PC version of the “Batman: Arkham Knight” patch described as dedicated, let Together we experience it.

Famous game developer Codemasters: the future will focus on developing racing games

“Dust”, “F1” and other well-known racing game developer Codemasters difficulties this year, not only the studio laid off staff, even their own CEO also jump ship. Recently Codemasters A spokesman recently told Eurogamer, this developer in the future will focus on their strengths, namely the development of racing games.

“Although the type of game to explore the car outside of a lot of fun, but we all know that our heart belongs to racing games.” Dust: Rally, “the first to experience the project was very successful,” F1 2015 “in many areas has become a sales section One of the game, we have recently announced a “micro machine” will hit the mobile platform and we have not yet developed a very strong future roadmap In the racing game productions. ”

It is reported that, Codemasters will close in Malta’s Battle Decks studio, all of 11 employees will be transferred to the UK headquarters.

Codemasters during the most recent host generations conversion encountered some difficulties. As of March 2015, sales in the studio straight line from $ 51.9 million last year fell to $ 25.5 million, the loss of over 20 million. Codemasters internal think the downturn in sales was mainly due to PS4 and XBOXONE not kept pace with advances in technology, and they therefore canceled on developing two generations of the game.

Codemasters previous two works were “F1 2015” and “dust: Rally”, “F1 2016” is now in development.

“Attack on Titan” massive information flow for the first time publicly the story mode exposure

Earlier today the foreign media brought us glory · Tuoku Magic’s new movement as “Attack on Titan,” the latest magazine scans, and in the latest “Fami-pass” in the official brought us a lot of exciting content, In addition to the long war soldiers outside the story mode details can be disclosed, together with the feel for it.

KT agency’s PS3 / PS4 / PSV version of “Attack on Titan” is not mowing works, through a continuation of the popular 3D animation of the essence, players can experience in the game to kill the giant three-dimensional maneuver to cut the fun, the introduction of “multiplayer online cooperative mode” . This made PS3 / PS4 / PSV version will be on sale in Japan this winter, while in North America and Europe need to wait until next year.

Han Ji · Zuoye (CV: Park Romi)

Investigation Corps captain, for the giant’s body structure is very interested in the investigation focused on the mad scientist and experiment. And the captain has the appropriate strength, not lack of care for men.

Li Weier (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi)

Is known as “the strongest human soldiers,” the Corps soldiers long investigation, has the equivalent of a division (about 4,000 or so) of combat power. Calm but concerned about the partner of few words, the other because the obsessive disorder would personally remove stronghold.

“FIFA 16” Women mode acclaimed live football game of the world’s strongest name

As a New Year game, EA’s “FIFA” series of urgent change and innovation, so in this year’s “FIFA16”, the players can finally use the women’s football team, and this is EA Sports first joined the ranks of women in the series, which a new change is indeed won the praise of the outside world.

Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy and Asia, Mexico, and 12 international women’s soccer team in the making. The US Women’s captain Alex Mogen is partner Macy boarded “FIFA 16” game cover, a lot of players on this praising gender equality.

Women’s added to “FIFA16” injected vitality, statistics, although the sale of just two months, but “FIFA16” game player has scored more than 1 million goal.

EA COO Peter Moore expressed, “FIFA16” has been launched in this series twenty three works, although it is still the best selling football game in the world, but now the “FIFA” is also in urgent need to change the situation. Muddy turf deeper level, the fans response enhancement, and can not bring the stadium atmosphere to enhance the enjoyment of the game in a qualitative change for the players. So to increase women’s football game mode will no longer be incomprehensible things.

“FIFA 16” join Women mode, not only the change for the first football game in history, but also easier to get support for more football officials and the Football Association, and the players got used also in perennial C Massey Ibrahimovic Cavani and other male players, see some of the Steel Roses style. Many birds with one stone, who can say no good?

Neymar will be renewed, the third high-paying world of football

According to “Marca” reported that Barcelona star Neymar and clubs close to the signing of a new contract, contract to the Brazilian star per season salary of not less than 15 million euros. The contract also allows the Brazilian position Messi and C Luo became the third in the world after paying. At the same time Barcelona also modified Neymar penalty. The club hoping to raise liquidated damages of 1 billion euros surprising, but the players do not want to regard this amount more than 250 million euros. Neymar’s contract will be until June 2021.

Barca very clear that they must try to keep Neymar. Because this young man in the near future will become the world’s best players, you will certainly be a lot of clubs of all ages. To ensure Neymar Barca team have fun, they are ready to reward the best players a bonus.

Neymar very grateful to the club for his high-tech, to show sincerity he refused an invitation to all the other teams. In such circumstances, he would not want to take the Camp Nou, even further. Tax issues facing does not make him waver. Neymar’s father had attitude is very tough, but the club quickly with a new contract in response. Such a high-tech contract apparently make their family are very satisfied, Neymar will continue to stay in Barcelona.

Curry: I’m a big fan of Lionel Messi

NBA players – Stephen Curry Barcelona striker Lionel Messi admits that he is “super fan.”

Curry said he and Messi are very creative players in an interview, he said:. “Our style is very creative, this feeling on the basketball court and the football field is very similar to I’ve been try to use both hands to do some fancy moves, crossover dribble, my intuition to the game of basketball, which is Macy done in soccer. ”

Curry also said: “I like to watch Macy game, I was a big fan of his, you like to watch him play because you never know what he will do next moment will act when he appeared on television, every. individuals will be attracted, because as long as he touched the ball, something special will happen. you have to admire that kind of talent. ”

When asked if he and Messi who more coffee, Curry jokingly said: “I do not know, it’s like chicken or the egg problem.”