Human space exploration every step of the screen will not forget

The magic of the universe has brought countless filmmakers unlimited reverie, the Wright brothers in 1903, a year before the formal invention of the aircraft, the French film pioneer Georges Méliès (Georges Méliès) film “Trip to the Moon”, has given way to humans take the cannon fired artillery shells flew to the moon. Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” (Hugo) in, this earliest human sci-fi film in spite of the less than 2 minutes of screen only, but we can still feel the early filmmakers from fairy tale to share space like a dream.

Englishman shot a Leica “Space Dog Lycra”
After the experience of two world wars, human flourishing aviation industry, along with the United States and the Cold War era Soviet arms race, science and technology competition is extending into space from the sky. October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first satellite of mankind “Sputnik 号 1” (Sputnik 1), sounded the clarion call to enter the space, but also greatly stimulated the United States. November 3 month later, on the second Soviet satellites aboard a very special passenger – Lycra stray dogs, it is the first fly in space life on Earth. But Lycra fly empty few hours later died from shock and heat exhaustion. It’s heroic deeds in 2010 was adapted into nearly nine minute animated short film “Space Dog Lycra” (Laika).

Soviet space in a continuous motion, so that then US President Eisenhower wake up, he quickly made

“3D Space Dog”
The reaction, on the one hand to adjust the science and mathematics education a top priority for national policy, on the other hand in the shortest time to keep pace with the Soviet Union. February 1, 1958, America’s first man-made satellite, “Explorer” number (Explorer-1) 1 launch, October 1 the same year, NASA (NASA) was established.

After Lycra heroic sacrifice, there are a number of Soviet space hero dog killed career. Until August 19, 1960, the space dog Belka (Belka) and Manchester Reka (Strelka) aboard Sputnik 5, in space before returning to Earth safely through the day. Belka and Manchester Reka triumph when not only enjoy a grand hero courtesy, but also became the idol of children in Eastern Europe. Russia’s first 3D animated “3D Space Dog” (Space Dogs) is adapted from a true story based on the real dog.

Different from the Soviet space dog, biological experiments in space NASA phase is to have more intelligent chimpanzees. January 31, 1961, Mercury spacecraft to bring chimpanzee Ham (Ham) over the Atlantic Ocean 700 km, although there is some small errors in flight, but Beckham still survived, successful landing at sea. Despite being the first hominids into space, but did not get Belka Beckham and Manchester Reka is so treated, and eventually the rest of his life at the zoo. But Beckham’s story or to the 2008 animated film “Space chimps” (Space Chimps) gives inspiration, the film tells the story of Beckham’s Sunzai Han Tim III chimpanzees and other human companions through anything again, put on spacesuits , driving the spacecraft through the wormhole to reach the distant galaxies, searching for the missing crew.

Simple classification space movies

Perhaps because the first science fiction film “Trip to the Moon” (A Trip to the Moon) is the theme of space reasons, the space (Space) types of movies started to become an important branch of science fiction movie’s. Followed by a step by step along with the realization of the human space program, to further enrich the filmmakers depth of excavation in space movie realistic. If you want to market space movies roughly divided, it can be broadly divided into two categories: realistic style and the science fiction genre.

Some space is easy to classify the film, such as the description of the cause of human spaceflight development process or event documentary films such as “Space Pioneer”, “Apollo 13” (Apollo 13) is undoubtedly part of reality style; “Star Wars” (Star Wars) series, “Star Trek” (Star Trek) can see is a series of science-fiction style. There are also a considerable proportion of the space movie or surreal fictional content, such as “gravity,” “Deep Impact,” I was willing to be classed as a reality-style class, they are only based on the increase in the real disaster, etc. other ingredients. If we add ingredients to explore it, “Macross touch” or even “Third Kind” to be assigned to class reality. “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Interstellar” and the sci-fi style both realistic style, but their content is not simply fanciful science fiction but has a very solid scientific foundation or academic core, the reality is more interested in class.

In fact, the film division of space is not so strict, reality and science fiction style is often both staggered and overlapping, in fact most of the science fiction space movie also has practical significance. Regardless of the space journey on the screen using which type of style or form, it reflects the human longing for the stars and explore the far end or the desire to conquer.

A hundred years, the reality-style space movie has gone through various stages, from the initial to Shaorenwenjin was endless, and subsequently several ups and downs. Almost all of the previous wave initiated by the astronauts, and now filmmaker is through their efforts, in turn, affect the astronauts. In recent years, if the 2012 “Prometheus” (Prometheus) led the audience to ponder the origin of the 2013 “gravity” is to let the Earth humans began to re-examine the space, then it’s “Interstellar” We are reminding people on earth: it is time to reload the go.

“Interstellar,” the elegant and giants

From “Memento,” “Batman: The Dark Knight” trilogy, the “Inception,” Nolan’s work is always more than the vast majority of the film carries more intensive amount of information, it seems that his movie screen much more than 24. Because of this, he was quick thinking to enhance global audience viewing habits have made outstanding achievements, fans can try endlessly to discuss or interpret. Of course, the price is that you have to go to the theater box office Duokanjibian many contributions to several times, even more than once, you will perhaps evaluation “good to better” upgrade even “bad to good” inversion occurs. This is Nolan magical place, so his work is often dubbed “burning of cerebral God for.”
Kip Thorne and “Interstellar” actress Jessica Chastain

“Interstellar” is definitely Nolan “burning of cerebral God as” pushing Chen Zhixin make, from this time he really got close cooperation with the great scientist, who is the American theoretical physicist Kip Thorne ( Kip Thorne). The main contribution of Thorn lies gravitational physics and astrophysics, he was Stephen Hawking (Stephen Hawking) and Carl Sagan (Carl Sagan) [ “Macross contacts” (Contact) original novel “Contact” (Chinese translation of the name ) the author’s] long-term friends and colleagues, is one of the astrophysics Einstein’s general theory of relativity in the world under the leadership of experts, best-selling author of “Black Holes and time Warps” (Black Holes and time Warps, there are translation).

An exciting discovery of important areas of astrophysics, Thorn only want to demonstrate to academia, he is also eager for the public to understand, it is clear that the film is a very good way. Thorn served “Interstellar,” the executive producer and science adviser, he said: “In the past all the Hollywood movies has never been so real to wormholes, black holes scene for the first time based on general relativity for scene. build. “Nolan a light is not enough, there Thorne brought involves a series of rigorous and highly theoretical black holes, wormholes and interstellar travel, etc., so all kinds of banner of” read “interstellar” must-see XX film, “single-chip in China’s transmission network crazy.

Thorne written specifically for the film supporting new book
I believe that the best way to understand the movie theater or more to support research and fans can consider buying Thorne written specifically for the film supporting new book “Interstellar Scientific” (The Science of Interstellar, Nolan preface , and movies listed simultaneously).

In addition there are elegant Thorne’s help, Nolan also repeatedly referred to “2001: A Space Odyssey” (2001: A Space Odyssey), “Third Kind” (Close Encounters of the Third Kind), “The Right Stuff” (The Right Stuff) and other previous films shot gave him inspiration and inspiration. Giants body, he can look farther. And this is a place in the big screen relay or inheritance despite no stranger to the movie or the audience, but it is quite precious. It is represented in Nolan generations filmmakers fought to join the space theme, with their own way to record and show the world the real world or imagined space, make this film to maintain a certain type of vigor and vitality. Many classic stories and screen space is excited human imagination passion for space travel and extraterrestrial life, exploring has made tremendous contributions.

“Star Wars 7” Trailer heat almost equal to “re-linking 2 ‘

“Star Wars 7” Trailer heat almost equal to “re-linking 2 ‘
The amount of playing flash breaking forty million Dinosaurs Force awakening Tuisan

“Star Wars: The Force Awakening” the first trailer released within three days, in the consolidated amount of playing youtube site has exceeded 40 million, not only spike the week before the return of heavy “Jurassic Park”, but is expected to exceed ” complex United 2 “had the hottest year on record.

Millennium Falcon struck again
Time after Reuters under the global Star Wars fans looking forward to the classic sci-fi film “Star Wars” series has finally declared in return opened a mystery movie. Friday is the day of Thanksgiving, “Star Wars: The Force Awakening” (hereinafter referred to as “Star Wars 7”) of the first team first edition trailer formal exposure. Less than three days after the video release, this time 1 minute 28 seconds long trailer youtube sites integrated playback volume has exceeded 40 million, spike the week before the return of another classic blockbuster movie series sequel “Jurassic Park . ”

Vacated the Millennium Falcon and “improved” version of the lightsaber scabbard will not only allow the din caused dinosaurs Tuisan, “Star Wars 7” first trailer more than expected: Annual “The Avengers 2 Alltronic era” previously created most hot record. “Complex United 2 ‘trailer posted on youtube play five days reached 50.6 million times.

Short first trailer also let fans after had finished addiction have been gearing up to contribute a lot of spoof video. Lego currently very fiery version of “Star Wars 7” Trailer, users homemade “George Lucas” Clip Trailer etc. youtube player volume also reached the level of millions of times.

Lucas original setting is “Star Wars 7” All deprecated

Lucas original setting is “Star Wars 7” All deprecated
And future “Star Wars” movie to disassociate themselves enjoy their grandchildren

“Star Wars” Father Lucas recently speak up position, said Disney’s “Star Wars 7” sequel has its own original story set completely abandoned.

“Star Wars 7” completely abandoned plot conceived Lucas
After 2013, the “Star Wars” series Rights to sell $ 4 billion Disney Pictures, “the father of Star Wars” George Lucas has gradually retreat from the world of Star Wars future.

Although Lucas is still in an advisory capacity to participate in “Star Wars: The Force Awakening” (hereinafter referred to as “Star Wars 7”) production, but this J · J · Abrams directed the Star Wars sequel is not doomed there are too many Lucas “traditional” elements left. Recently, the silence is the first time two years Lucas speak up position, claiming that the new “Star Wars” sequel has its own original story set completely abandoned.

Lucas said in an interview: “They finally decided, I do not sell those Disney before (” Star Wars Star “sequel) plot to shoot So they set according to their own ideas to rewrite the script so (..” war 7 “) I had nothing to do with those written follow-up story.” so it seems that the future of “Star wars” adventure will also open part of this whole new generation of the legendary journey.

After “Star Wars” series to Disney and JJ, who has directed over seventy years he lamented that “for me now, time is more important than money.” Today, staying behind the scenes of Lucas can have a lot of time with my family to be together, he would from time to time with a year and a half old daughter out to the streets for a walk, enjoy their grandchildren.

George Lucas shelling Hollywood

George Lucas shelling Hollywood
“More like a circus, the story is no depth at all.”

George Lucas today blasted the Hollywood movie at the Sundance Film Festival, accusing “more and more like the circus, the story is no depth at all.” At the same time did not forget to promote their animated film producer “Strange Magic.”

George Lucas in the event Sundance
Sundance News American director George Lucas yesterday to attend the Sundance Film Festival, the film quality of Hollywood moment criticized mercilessly. The single-handedly create a “Star Wars” director bluntly: “(Hollywood) more and more like the circus, the story is no depth at all.” In addition, a handful of Lucas also took the opportunity to promote its own by the producer and screenwriter animated film “Strange Magic.”

Lucas the day with another Hollywood actor and director Robert Redford jointly participated in this round of the screenplay to the seminars. After thrown Zhefan criticisms, Lucas then take their own “Star Wars” series, for example, “If you go to” Star Wars “for what it says, it will be able to see it than those circus movie. connotation more. “Redford also praised the presence of” Star wars “for something he believes Lucas” Star wars “movies and commercial creativity solely to control is quite sensible.

Hollywood has always been very cold Lucas, but also to encourage independent filmmakers to use “anti-authority” of this spirit of the Sundance independent film event. He said: “You certainly do not want to be smarter than the people who did not own too long suppressed.” Original Lucas, who purposely own effects company Industrial Light & Magic and Lucasfilm headquarters placed in San Francisco, hoping to stay away from the centers of power in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Today, after the “Star Wars” series of restarts it has been replaced by Walt Disney Pictures, responsible for the production. Although Lucas: Identity “Star Wars Force awakening” in the still is a consultant, but Father has also for the first time begin to speak, claiming sequel story concept has been completely abandoned.

When asked about the perception of the new “Star Wars”, and Lucas admits: “I did not participate, but I think the trailer looks great, it is very interesting because the past is my own to shoot Star Wars, impossible. inside the spacecraft was passing overhead screen to shock, but this time I think I would be shocked to, because I know nothing about what will happen in the movies. ”

Later, Lucas also talked about by its own original story film adaptation of the animated film “Strange Magic.” He first talked about the filming of this animated film in mind. “” Star Wars “to shoot 12-year-old boy to see, so I want to shoot a movie to see the girls, because I have three daughters,” he also stressed:. “While this musical animated film shoot for children to see, but it’s not superficial. ”
“Strange Magic” Trailer
He introduced the “Strange Magic,” he spent a decade brewing a movie conveys “Every child deserves to be loved no matter how the appearance” of such a theme. Moral of the story is about the difference between infatuation and true love, and draws on Shakespeare “Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the ‘magic fairy dust’ this setting to convey this view. Meanwhile Lucas also stressed that “Strange Magic” in music is from his own collection of carefully selected out of the album, because he wants to use the past to tell the familiar pop of Shakespeare’s story, and express the theme of the story .

On the issue of the film’s theme, Lucas expressed; “I filmed the movie all have the same theme, everyone was confined to their own little world, and thinking in prison, even if the door is open, you can not leave in fact you only need to take a step just told myself: I will make a change, although I do not know what will happen, but I must act, this is your only way to be able to move forward, “but in the eyes of Lucas “Star Wars” is not the same sense hidebound education children.

Emitting laser sword to reproduce the classic image of the Jedi Master

Hot Toys launched the “Star Wars” Obi-Wan doll collection
Emitting laser sword to reproduce the classic image of the Jedi Master

Hot Toys 30cm build character ferrite, systemic than 30 movable joints
Hot Toys launched the “Star Wars” Obi-Wan doll collection, detailed characterization of the new head carving, well-cut clothing, LED light-emitting laser sword and a specially designed platform.
Previously, Hot Toys released the “Star Wars” Darth Vader black collection dolls military fired the first shot of this classic series. Its series of the second bomb 1: 6 ratio of Jedi Master also recently launched in Europe and accept a predetermined Wan Kenobi collection dolls. To build a new Star Wars classic image not to be missed, May the Force be with you.
Hot Toys Obi-Wan can emit light laser sword
Hot Toys for the movie characters to create a 30cm ferrite character, 30 places on the body with movable joints can be achieved using a variety of lightsaber movie style. Grade wax head carving, superb technology and meticulous depicts Obi facial contours. LED light-emitting laser sword newly designed, well-cut classic Jedi war service, as well as a specially designed platform, give this highly collectible dolls.
“Star Wars” Darth Vader and Obi-Wan exciting showdown
Obi-Wan as the “Star Wars” series and soul and much Star Wars fans alike. He is Luke Skywalker’s mentor and enlightenment is his father Darth Vader educator, is one of the most prominent Jedi universe. He is also a master of strategy position in helping to achieve peace throughout the galaxy in the process spent his legendary life.

As a “Star Wars” series, the seventh “Star Wars: The Force Awakening” will be this year, December 18 North American release.

Along with the film’s release, there will be more follow-up Hot Toys Star Wars characters introduced and reservations.

“Star Wars 8” “Star Wars Gaiden” both fixed gear

“Star Wars 8” “Star Wars Gaiden” both fixed gear
Coincides with the “Star Wars” fortieth anniversary of the “theory of everything” female to join

Has made use of “Theory of Everything” won the Oscar for Best Actress nominee Felicity Jones, today identified to join the “Star Wars rumor” specific role is unknown.

“Star Wars 7” release yet, “Star Wars 8” also set up stalls
Two “Star Wars” movie series today given file: A True Story of the “Star Wars 8” is scheduled for May 26, 2017 North American release, the director of “ring messenger” Ryan Johnson, then it is “Star Wars “Episode fortieth anniversary release day; another rumor is” Star Wars: Rogue One “, is scheduled for December 16, 2016 release, rumor director who directed” Godzilla “of Gary Edward Adams .

Has made use of “Theory of Everything” won the Oscar for Best Actress nominee Felicity Jones, today identified to join the “Star Wars: Rogue One”, a specific role is unknown. “Star Wars 8” cast not published, because the plane crashed last week injured Harrison Ford could return has become a suspense.

December 18 this year will be released in North America, “Star Wars: The Force Awakening” ( “Star Wars 7”), as the seventh series of works (Earlier prequel trilogy, plus three), “Star Wars: The Force Awakening” will the story is set in: 30 years of “Star Wars Jedi 3” after. “Force Awakening” English name “The Force Awakens” and past “Star Wars” title remained the same formation, while “the Force” as the core concept of Star Wars is the first time in the series title.

“Star Wars 7” director J · J To make the film closer to the original style of the seventies and eighties, “Star Wars” trilogy, not only stick with 35MM film shoot, but also extensive use of live models and special effects, and even a local re-enable Morocco save almost intact 1977 “Star Wars” studio, hoping to pursue a solid shot retro feel of the screen.

Hot Toys launched the “Star Wars” space qualified stormtrooper dolls

Hot Toys launched the “Star Wars” space qualified stormtrooper dolls
The new shape of Star Wars fans not to be missed

Hot Toys launched the “Star Wars” space stormtrooper dolls limited, well-built figure helmets and armor, unique space backpack, rich weapon accessories and specialty platform.
Time network news as “Star Wars” series, the seventh “Star Wars: The Force Awakening” will be held this December 18 North American release. As a film peripheral products, Hot Toys recently launched the “Star Wars” space stormtrooper limited dolls for Star Wars fans carefully crafted characters helmets and armor, unique backpack, rich weapon accessories and specialty platform.
“Star Wars” space stormtrooper rich details of the characterization
“Star Wars” space stormtrooper characters ferritic height of about 30cm, systemic than 30 movable joints. Space backpack contains a unique multifunction switching device, a total of eight four-hand type of alternative film shape can be easily implemented, configured with two weapons, firearms storage device, and platform, specially designed high details of the reduction. A variety of elements to make this limited Star Wars dolls and valuable for collection.
“Star Wars” space stormtrooper shape in the movie
Space is the basic stormtrooper combat power of the empire, the white body armor, can be adapted to a variety of the planet’s climate, but low defense force, does not have the ability to resist laser guns. While fighting monomer is not very high, but because of the large number of people, under the sea tactics, still armed forces should not be underestimated. Its Debut in “Star Wars 4” being sucked into the Millennium Falcon when the Death Star.

Along with the film’s release, there will be more follow-up Hot Toys Star Wars Characters Release and accept reservations.

2015 Star Wars Celebration Fans wonderful Cosplay Awards

2015 Star Wars Celebration Fans wonderful Cosplay Awards
Creative brain hole wide open

2015 Star Wars Celebration Fans Cosplay creative, brain-hole wide open.
“Star Wars” Decade celebration, held April 16 to 19 in Anaheim United States is the world of Star Wars fans festivals, and the brightest fans have a family and I, helped to bring the young and old to travel together. In addition to the celebration organizers arranged a series of activities and information on: recent developments “Star Wars Force awakening” tightly to attract the attention of fans outside, fans spontaneously Star Wars theme Cosplay also due to open a large hole in the brain and lead limelight.

In addition to the role of the common Stormtroopers, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and other images, Admiral Ackbar, Twi’lek, Darth Maul and other cos quite difficult, there are many fans. In addition fans also brain-hole wide open to let the Star Wars with Mickey Mouse, playing Muppet Family Crossover. As for the effect of what turned out to be no sense of violation and.